sells reusable balloon kits sells reusable balloon kits and it’s introducing three new balloon colors. With a huge shortage of helium reusable balloon kits are a must. Create an instant sale right at your dealership! These balloon kits come with one reusable balloon , one adapter clip and a two-piece holder that attaches right to the car window. The giant reusable balloons (20 inches) come in array of 18 different styles. You can display patterned balloons..such as checkered or patriotic or go solid colors . Be as creative as you like or check out our catalogue for ideas.And… New this month we are adding silver, gold and black balloons. With Halloween right around the corner you create an eye catching display with black and orange balloons. If your looking for value in marketing dollars..this product provides it. For only $18.95 you can purchase this balloon kit and use it over and over again. Want to change your look …simply purchase new balloons..use the same hardware and create a whole new display.Visit today for all your marketing ideas.


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