Bahama Breeze Scent Air Freshener Pads

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Bahama Breeze Scent Air Freshener Pads

Automotive air freshener pads are the newest addition to our product line.

How would you like every used car to smell like new?

Our air freshener pads cost as little as .34 cents per car and offers new car scent as one of the fragrances.

This product will remove stale or musty odors.

Each package has 60 air freshener pads per bag and costs only $21.

Each pad is heavily scented for long-lasting use and is available in 14 different scents. Choices include, New Car Scent, Fresh N Clean, Wild Cherry, Mango Tango, New Leather, Vanilla Twist, Coconut Creme, Strawberry, Bahama Breeze, Carpet & Upholstery Refresh, California Orange, Sapphire Ice, April Fresh and Mountain Air.  

Order yours today and have the inside of the car smell as good as the outside looks.

The item being sold is: one bag containing 60 air freshener pads.

The scent is: BAHAMA BREEZE