Adhesive Floor Mats

May 25, 2022 by  
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Our adhesive plastic floor mats are ideal to protect freshly cleaned or dyed carpets.

Although perfect for your service department, these adhesive 3 mil. thick plastic floor mats are great for your new and used car departments.They give used cars a new car look and feel.

Put two of these floor mats in every vehicle you are selling, virtually eliminating expensive and unnecessary reconditioning.

Aggressive adhesive makes these floor mats adhere to a vehicle’s carpets,
keeping them in showroom condition.

They provide excellent protection against grime, water and dirt due to repetitive
entries from numerous test drives and sales or lot personnel.

They are perforated for easy tear off, and if necessary, easy to cut to fit.
Recommended replacement is every 30 days.

Size: 24″ x 21″.

Quantity: 175 floor mats per roll.