sells Sno-Rakes sells Sno-Rakes. Unfortunately for most of us who don’t enjoy winter.. it is almost here. It’s time to start preparing for Mr. Winter..What better way to get ready than to start gathering your day to day supplies together so that weather doesn’t affect your day to day life. This year you should add Sno-Rakes to your list. These rakes are the original orange head shuttsco rakes. The head is 18 inches long and is made of solid polyethylene foam. The no scratch head has a handle that is 48 inches long and makes raking the snow off your car a breeze. The extra long wood handle has reinforced metal thread for long durability. This snow removal tool has been used by businesses of all kinds for years. This is such a great tool that I often give them for christmas presents. Try the original Sno-Rake this winter and you will be glad you did.


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