Autodealersupplies sells a variety of keyboards. sells a variety of keyboards. Whether youre are large Dealership or a small one carries a keyboard to accomidate it. Our most popular keyboards are portable. This allows you the ease of moving around your inventory while having your vehicle keys on hand. These keyboards hold 32-105 keys per board and are made of durable metal and masonite. Each board comes with a built in handle and hooks that have a catch so keys won’t fall off. If you want to take your inventory keys home we even sell a rollable key case. This key case is made of durable soft vinyl and is waterproof and weather resistant…simply roll.. it velcros..and use the handy built in carry strap and carrying it is a breeze . You can choose from 30 or 50 key capacity depending on your needs. Along with all the portability is even designed when rolled back out to hang on the wall. With so many options has the supplies you need to make your business efficient along with prices that make them affordable.Visit us today at for even more variety.


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