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PermaShine and DuraBalloons Bring Color to Life

The world has forever been changed with the introduction of the new eye catching PermaShine Balloons and DuraBalloons to the line of quality products at and These balloons are designed to look like traditional latex but without the hassle of using helium. PermaShine balloons are made from an elastic plastic material that is very durable and can be used over and over again. DuraBalloons are known as the world’s strongest balloon because they are manufactured from extra thick polymer plastic. They have a pleasant round design that catches the eye, and their large 18” size can’t be missed. Both of these balloons are great for personal or commercial applications and come in a variety of colors ranging from black to yellow and everything in between. These colors can be mixed and matched to form the perfect combination. 

PermaShine kits and DuraBalloon kits were created to make the most from each balloon. They give the user a wide variety of options on how to use their balloons either as singles or in clusters. PermaShine kits are available in 12 or 6 balloon clusters. The 12 Balloon Cluster kit really packs a punch and can be used in multiples or in conjunction with the 6 Balloon Cluster Kit. The tabletop bouquet balloon kits are the perfect focal point to any room without taking up a lot of space. This kit comes with the balloons, stems with holding cups, and a clear table top Hyperboard mount. The PermaShine Ceiling Column Kit is awe inspiring. The balloons are suspended from a metal ceiling surface using a 24 lb MagneClick magnet. It is 5’ tall and comes with one 30” balloon and sixteen 12” balloons.

The DuraBalloon kits give people the opportunity to grab the attention of potential customers. The DuraBalloon Light Pole Kit comes with everything needed to get started including 4 balloons, stems, brackets, and bands. The DuraBalloon Car Window Clip Kit works for all vehicle types and is the perfect advertising tool for any car dealership. The Suction Cup Kit is available in a single or triple balloon option and can be used on any non-porous surface. This versatility allows people to move it from one spot to another quickly and easily. Using a DuraBalloon or PermaShine balloon kit opens up a whole new dimension for business owners or party planners who want to be set apart from the crowd. These long lasting durable balloons add color and dimension to any occasion. DuraBalloons and PermaShine balloons are now being carried by and

Purchasing items online from and is fast and convenient. Their large range of affordable products makes shopping for the right marketing tool easier than ever before. The customer service representatives are ready to answer any questions and make suggestions as to how to use DuraBalloons and PermaShine Balloons to get the best results. These two amazing items joins the many quality products that and carry.


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