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E-Z Line Products at AutoDealerSupplies.com

E-Z Line products are available at AutoDealerSupplies.com,  a company that provides dealerships with the everyday supplies to run their business. Nearly anything you can think of a dealership needing or wanting to have, it is available at AutoDealerSupplies.com

E-Z Line makes products primarily for the automotive sales and maintenance industry.

Some of their products include:
adhesive numbers to show car prices

Sales Aids:

  • Balloons
  • Under the hood signs
  • Air dancers
  • Bucko banners (windshield banners)

Dealer supplies:

  • Emergency door entry tool kits
  • Portable power sources
  • Records envelopes & Insurance holders
  • Nameplates & Dealer stickers

Items discussed in the article will include the bulleted items: windshield advertising numbers, sales aids, and dealer supplies.

Windshield advertising stickers.
E-Z Line’s windshield advertising stickers include numbers to show car prices as well as slogans, such as Like New, One Owner, Loaded, or Managers’ Special. The stickers are made of rainproof vinyl that goes on and comes off easy, leaving no sticky or gummy residue. They come in many different fonts, styles, and colors as well. The regular numbers are 6-1/4”x4-1/2” and the regular slogans are 13-1/2”x3-1/2”.

The stickers also include model year signs (in oval, angle, and burst style), price tag stickers, incentive slogans, smiley face stickers, and windshield ribbons.

Sales aids.
E-Z Line has a whole set of sales aids. They include sky dancing tubes. Sky dancing tubes are long tubes connected to a fan which causes the tube to move in a dancing motion. E-Z Lines’ sky dancing kits (tubes and fans) are cheap enough to buy instead of renting. They are made of lightweight parachute material and are available in 18-foot long models.

The under the hood signs are made of durable corrugated plastic and are available in singles and sets with “SALE”, “SAVE”, and “LEASE” in individual letters. Five- and eight-foot diameter giant balloons are also available. Bucko banners are placed inside the windshield of the car allowing the dealership’s message to be easily seen while keeping the interior of the car cool.

Dealer supplies.
E-Z Line also has supplies for dealerships. Supplies include key tags which allows the dealership to easily show basic information on the vehicle. E-Z Line also has custom insurance and registration holders, and lock boxes for keys and remotes. Emergency door entry tool kits are also available in case the vehicle owner can’t get back in the car. The tool kit includes a slim jim and long reach tools.


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