Consecu-tag Key Tags

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Consecu-tag Key Tags are loved by automotive service departments!

This patented product combines consecutive numbering with the durability of genuine Versa-TagsTM Key Tags.

Two self-protecting key tags with “chrome-plated” steel rings match one clear plastic-backed window stock sticker for the best new key system ever.

Stock sticker number comes away from sticker with no adhesive residue – becomes salesperson’s record or goes with paperwork.

Consecu-Tags®  Available in Yellow, White, Red, Blue, Green and Orange.

Features at a Glance

  • Residue free stickers, great for sticky-free paperwork and files
  • Inside of windshield is easily cleaned since sticker is completely sealed
  • No plastic sleeves required on key tags
  • 7-digit capacity – alpha-numeric & numeric custom numbering
  • Available un-numbered


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